Kylie and Friends

The first to greet you on arrival is most likely to be Kylie our dog, she came to us from Ferne animal sanctuary in August 2012 she was 6 months old. Being a Kelpie cross labrador she has a lovley nature and will happily greet you and your dog. She has a super nature and will also work the cows, a bit, her main pastime is playing with anyone that will give her the time or any of the other animals that will join in. Tigger, one of our 3 cats, is her best friend and they go for a walk together which isn't much help to Tigger as it is rather hard to catch a mouse with a dog looking over your shoulder.

We have a few other pets on the farm our garden has free range rabbits and guinea pigs and an aviary with budgies and a couple of parrots (Max and Henry).

Depending on availability eggs are for sale. this maybe from any of our free range Ducks,chickens and hopefully geese,soon.

OH nearly forgot the biggest one Flame our horse,he is over 20 now but still very fit and can be quite often seen in our garden or wandering around the farm before going out to his field in the mornings. He is quite willing to let children sit on him or stroke him especially if there is a carrot in it for him.